This page is from the ledger in which Geoffrey Syme recorded the meetings of the trustees of the Estate of the late David Syme. He refers to the legal opinion of Sir Samuel Gilliott and the confirmation that his position as Managing Editor was senior to that of his eldest brother John Herbert Syme who was the Business Manager of The Age. His other brothers, Francis, Arthur and Oswald were not on the staff of The Age.
Another page from the Ledger in which Geoffrey Syme recorded the meetings of the Trustees of the Estate of his father David Syme. The initials on the 15th February refer to John Herbert Syme, George Francis Syme, Geoffrey Syme and Oswald Julian Syme. The other initials on the 18th February refer to Annabella Syme, who is named as an Executrix. David Syme's daughter Lucie Macalister, her husband W.G. Macalister, and Annabella Syme's niece Martha Johnson are named as present.

An extract from David Syme's will

"I direct that it is my earnest will and desire that the "Age" and "Leader" newspapers shall remain in the possessions of my five sons, and of the survivors or survivor of them, until the death of the last survivor, when the distribution of my estate is to take place, and that the imprint on these newspapers shall not be changed, and that my two sons, John Herbert Syme and Geoffrey Syme, shall be retained in the conduct and management of my business for so long and in such capacities and at such salaries, as may from time to time be decided by my trustees, having regard to the nature of their respective duties and to the amount of salary received by persons filling similar positions in newspaper offices in the Australian states."


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