Ten new Australian Knights, including four Victorians, are created in the New Year honors conferred by His Majesty the King. The list of honors was announced last night by Lord Gowrie, Governor-General, and by the state Governors.

Sir Geoffrey was sent a great number of congratulatory letters and telegrams. Many came from members of staff of The Age and The Leader. Some of these were formal, for example, the letter from the Circulation, Inspection and Publishing staff, while others came from old friends who had retired and had worked with him on the paper.

Lord Gowrie and Sir Isaac Isaacs were amongst those who sent him telegrams and there were official letters like those from the Commonwealth Department of Trade and Customs and from a High Court Judge (whose signature is indecipherable).

R.G. Menzies sent a telegram, Archbishop Booth, the Anglican Archbishop of Melbourne wrote "I am very pleased that the King has awarded you the K.B.E. among the New Year Honours, I very much appreciate the way in which The Age backs up the work of the Church and I am gratified to you for your personal gifts to Christian activities. I am glad that your helpful leadership has received this public recognition".

The superior of the Mercy Hospital, East Melbourne, also wrote to him She said "This is to convey to you and Lady Syme our warmest congratulations on the honour bestowed on you by His Majesty the King. We are all delighted at the well deserved recognition of your long and devoted service to your country and we are all honoured that we have had the opportunity of knowing you and I trust helping you to get a new lease of life." She signs it "With very kindest wishes from all of your friends here, I remain, dear Sir Geoffrey, most sincerely yours Sr. M. Francis."

His old school friends from Kew High School did not forget him, one of them said "My congratulations on the honor conferred on you. As one of the old K.H.S. I am reminded of the pleasure it would have given John Henning Thompson." (their formidable Headmaster).

Geoffrey Syme in the day of his Knighthood


Christmas card to Sir Geoffrey from the MACHINE CHAPEL of "The Age."


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